MAJ Pattern Book V3.0

v3.0 - Jan2018 - 34.44 MB

First Two Paragraphs

Welcome to the Madison Area Jugglers’ Pattern Book, a collection of patterns for intermediate to advanced
passers. These patterns are part of our juggling repertoire. Many we learned or adapted from other jugglers;
we include them because it’s fun trying to juggle them. But very many of the patterns in this book were
born in Madison, conjured up at Thursday/Sunday juggling sessions or at 47th Annual Madfests, annual
events since 1992. The book offers some record of the evolution of club passing in Madison.

Originally we wrote down the patterns just to save time arguing over exactly how we did the pattern last
time. (Don’t worry. . . there’s still plenty of arguing, even with the book.) We were pleasantly surprised to
find other people found our book helpful too! The pattern book can be used as a club passing guide or just a
library of the patterns that we originated or find interesting. If you’re from Madison, then it’s a handbook to
what we do twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays, and if you don’t know the patterns already then you
probably will. This book is not intended to be an encyclopedia of all possible passing patterns (that would
be a big book)! In fact, we don’t include patterns just because they are theoretically possible; we include
them if we have done them!